Research Platform of Multicenter Studies of the CAU

Regulations for the application of the license of PIEMCAU

Any member of the CAU can request in their name or that of the institution or group in which they work the employment of PIEM-CAU. To be accepted as promoter and have the right to design and use a CDB, the promoter or promoters must pass a selection process to obtain the license to use PIEM-CAU. The selection will be made by the official decision-making body of the CAU. To apply for the license you must fill out the standard forms of obtaining a license in which the details of the project and the research environment of the same are reflected, as well as the delivery of a report / summary of the project.

PIEM-CAU is a tool designed for multi-center research so you will be special interest projects requested by several groups with cooperative.

To obtain a license, the researcher has to download the  Regulative framework (PDF) about the program. Once you have read and understood, you can download the forms:

  • SPY Form: project application PIEM CAU.
  • FDT Form: summary technical project.
  • Format Protocol Revision of studies CAU.
Debe leer y comprender el Marco Normativo para obtener una licencia del programa
I have read and understood the existing regulatory framework to obtain a license of the program